Oregon Renaissance Faire JUNE '24

Oregon Renaissance Faire <span style="color:green"> JUNE '24</span>
~ June 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 2024 ~ Clackamas County Events Center Canby, OR

Three Themed Weekends:

Weekend 1: Highland Fling
In the Vale of Dunrose, we shall regale Her Royal Majesty and her esteemed Court with a weekend of unparalleled merriment. Partake in a sumptuous banquet of traditional Celtic fare, sweet confections, and hearty ales, fit for kings and queens alike.

Weekend 2: Enchanted Kingdoms of Legend & Lore
Don thy most whimsical garb or attire as your cherished fairytale persona. Be ready to embark on a grand adventure of wonderment and revelry, for in our shire, every path leads to enchantment, every glance reveals a story, and every moment is steeped in the magic of yore.re.

Weekend 3: Raiders of the Realm, A Weekend of Warriors
Pirates, privateers, and swashbucklers will embark upon Dunrose, initiating a lively invasion filled with merriment and adventure. The air will resound with the melodies of sea shanties, the ring of swordplay, and the laughter of those embracing the pirate life. Dress in your most daring pirate attire and partake in a jubilee of feasting, jesting, and nautical revelry but the adventure does not stop with the sea raiders!

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