Egyptian Cat - (17in )Zoom

Egyptian Cat - (17in )

Egyptian Cat - (17in )
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Bast, the Egyptian cat Goddess had numerous areas of influence that developed over time. She became both a nurturing mother figure and a terrifying avenger. She holds the title of "Goddess of protection." In this role she became Goddess of the rising sun and holder of the utchat, the all seeing eye of Horus.
As an Egyptian cat Goddess she is depicted with the head of a domestic cat, representing her more nurturing aspects. Woman of the time would buy amulets of this Goddess illustrated with different numbers of kittens, representing the number of children they wished to have. Bast the cat Goddess also protects houses from rats and snakes and so ensured the health of the occupants.
Individually hand cast in paraffin wax using professional grade cotton wick & candle scent this elegantly tall cat candle measures a whopping 17" tall and has a finished wax weight of approximately 3 lb 10 ounces !
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