~ Our Solstice/Yule Ordering cutoff date is Fri 8 December 2023 ~
~ HUZZAH ~ for the Solstice/Yuletide Seasons ~

Our Next in person Show is at
A Victorian Country Christmas Festival (booth 817 & 819)

Nov 30th - Dec 3rd in Puyallup Wa

Come See Us, See You - In a Top Hat and Tails !
more details in the "Faires/Shows' section

To Our Olde Friends, New Friends, & Friends Yet to Be...
~ See You ~ See Us ~ at FAIRE ~ and in Puyallup ~

~   Waxing Moon Enchantments  ~

~ Website HIghLights ~

At Faires, At Shows, In Person & Onine, Our mission is always:
To hand craft the finest Mythic, Fantasy, Decorative and Aroma Candles possible
and to offer them to you at the best price possible.

~ "Arrow Around Below" for views of our Product Lines and of Offerings in development. ~

Candles for Spring
<em><b>Yule Candles</em></b>
Candles for Summer
<em><b>Fantasy Candles</em></b>
Candles for Fall
<em><b> Decor & Accessories </em></b>
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